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Swindon Metal Solutions are a fully licensed ‘end of life vehicle’ treatment depolution center. This means we are licensed by the DVLA to dispose of your vehicle in the most environmentally friendly way possible. All vehicles will receive a certificate of destruction (COD) issued by us. This guarantees you piece of mind knowing that your vehicle is off the road for good and has been disposed of in an environemnt friendly way.

At our depolution center we process over 190 cars a week. Our highly experienced depolution staff start the process to recover and recycle as much of the ferrous and non-ferrous metal content of the vehicle as possible including the engine, radiator, battery, catalytic converter, wheel rims and finally the shell.

Scrap metal processing is a key component of Swindon Metal Solutions car scrappage procedure. We procure end-of-life vehicles across Wiltshire, parts of Gloucester and parts of Oxfordshire.

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